About Us


Jen Fiore Shimalla is a New Yorker born-and-raised who ended up living in southern Georgia. (Talk about two different worlds!) Throughout her life, she struggled with all sorts of digestive issues and medical anomalies (arthritis/inflammatory issues, countless operations, and the sadness that comes with never feeling well). In 2003, she found the primary reason for all the pain in the body and she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Not knowing the diagnosis for most of her life resulted in great pain and suffering in the body and the need for the operations. Once on a gluten free diet, she began to understand what it felt like to feel well. After 35 years of suffering, she was able to turn her troubled journey into a blessing for others. 

While owning and running a New York-themed deli in a small town outside of Savannah, Georgia, she found herself providing many people with advice on eating and health in general. Slowly, the storefront became a place for people who were new to the gluten-free lifestyle to come and ask for guidance on this seemingly daunting path. After her daughter created a website dedicated to her gluten-free life, Jen decided to start making YouTube videos to show viewers how to make the recipes – what started out as one simple video turned into a fun project. Jen realized that she had found a new love in being a gluten-free "counselor" to others. 

Jen still felt that life held something more.  Wellness was a topic she could not stop looking into. She still felt there was a balance that was missing. While Jen ran her popular deli and earned certifications in Herbal Studies as well as in Biochemic Tissue Salts, she also studied tirelessly to understand her human existence as a spiritual being.

A bit later, Jen became a certified Health Coach with the Sears Wellness Institute. While earning these health and wellness related honors she studied the fields of divinity, intuition, and healing. Jen is also student (and happily continues to remain a student for life) in A Course in Miracles which she credits greatly for her change in perception and thinking. She also gives credit to ACIM for her new devotion and deep love for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

As she studied, and gathered any and all information she could about health, wellness, and the quest for peace, she was making great strides. There was just one more point that had not been worked out. She had a bad relationship with her body. She still had thoughts and feelings about all the pain and suffering she endured, saw herself as a limited body. What it boiled down to was - she needed to learn she was more than a body.  

She desired to understand her true self clearer. When she first began studying A Course in Miracles, Jen also studied countless other modalities in her desire for peace, and a divine love relationship with God, having lived all of her life in a faith filled family.  She truly felt called to have complete willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to guide her in life; to surrender all thoughts and planning over.  In making the choice to change her perception of herself as a physical body and recognize her true self as a spiritual being, she found the joy she was seeking. All of these factors (and tools she gathered along the way) have contributed to her new found peace and love for life and all that is in it. Jen has dedicated herself to helping others find this for themselves with the Holy Spirit's guidance.  

Jen is currently finishing her second book All the Parts of Me; A Journey From Pain and Suffering to Healing, Joy, Inner Peace and Remembering Who I AM  and working with people to help them live the life they desire.  She hopes that her life experience and her studies will help people toward living a JOY FILLED LIFE, with a healthy mind, body, and soul!