About Us


Jen Fiore Shimalla, founder of Do Life Inspired, a company dedicated to encouraging people to find their passion, overcome their fears and "Do Life Inspired". We offer this reminder through our clothing, hats, jewelry and accessories.

Jen is a spiritual mindset coach, energy worker, and artist. Jen specializes in helping people who are suffering from pain, anxiety, or fear by teaching them how to overcome their limiting beliefs, observe their thoughts, and live the joy-filled life they deserve.

She is also the author of Heaven Cent and the forthcoming book All the Parts of Me: One Woman's Detour Into Fear and Her Trip Back to Love (Inspired Girl Books, January 2021).

Jen has extensive training in health and wellness, the power of energy, the mind-body connection, and healing. Her research and teachings focus on shifting perception, energy healing, removing blocks in the subconscious mind, intuitive modalities and practices, and how our minds can affect our health, relationships and life in general. She helps remind people of their connection to God, and with all that IS, to motivate them toward their own healing.

Jen has been in the service industry for three decades and has been a business owner for over 20 years. A passionate, serial entrepreneur, Jen knows business and brings the perfect blend of divine connected inspiration and down-to-earth sass to everything she touches! She has developed a jewelry line, founded a jewelry company, and opened a restaurant. Now, in addition to her coaching practice, Jen has a line of fun, inspirational t-shirts. At the heart of all of her work is connection with people—and helping people realize who they were created to be.

Jen is certified in health coaching by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Hofstra University. Jen is a Psych-K® facilitator and Reiki Master and also holds certificates in herbal studies, Biochemic tissue salts Level 3, and mediumship. See more about Jen Fiore at www.jenfiore.com

Jen loves to crack herself up (and hopefully others) as she whips up some her family’s gluten-free recipes on her YouTube channel, Glutenfree and Me. She enjoys painting, hiking, meeting new people, and reading. In the evenings, you can find Jen catching up on her Netflix binge-watching.